Through the embodiment of your consciousness lens, you create the world you experience.  If you view the world as a field of energy with enough for everyone’s manifestations, you embody abundance consciousness.  Yet, if you view the world as a limited place with a finite amount of energy for others, you embody lack consciousness.  Realizing that there is no need to compare your journey with your peers allows you to create without negativity clouding your way.


Mindset plays a role


Because the consciousness you embody is harvested through a mindset,  how you experience the world matters.  As a child, the daily contact and interactions with others shaped your experiences.  Therefore, your development unfolded through relationships with others.  Thus, you directly or indirectly absorbed the mindset of your caretakers and surroundings.


Thereby, awakened adults who intentionally create their reality and experiences teach those around them how to embody abundance. Their words and actions reflect a belief in the infinite power within. Interpretation of the events create your thoughts and the world you experience.  Therefore, if your surroundings reflected lack, you may have interpreted a lack of resources available in the world.


However, it is crucial to note that the school system is rooted in fear and stress from the foundations being formed lack consciousness. In the last several years, the primary focus on test scores and achieving preset educational standards interfered with authentic development of the whole child.  As a result, educators, parents, and students continuously cycle through limiting patterns of lack rather than allowing a natural flow of learning.  In an ideal situation, children can be co-creators of their learning if they are allowed to express their authentic selves.


Change is figureoutable


Changing your consciousness is possible because the mindset you developed as a child can be shifted.  This shift evolves when you identify that you are either partially or completely embodying lack consciousness. An epiphany that you are in a downward cycle usually emerges as you realize you are inexplicably unhappy.  When there is no other perceivable reason, you learn that your energy consciousness interferes with your ability to experience joy and live a peaceful life.


Keep in mind the only aspect of your life that is permanent is your infinite soul.  Everything else can be dismantled, altered, or recreated.  The ability to make these changes has to do with looking at your relationship among your emotions, feelings, and thoughts.  Read more about the relationships among these three states here: 


Your reality changes when your thoughts change.


Equally as important as your thoughts are the words you use.  One of the biggest shifts I have made in recent years is replacing the sentence, “I cannot afford that,” to “I chose to spend my money on other things.”  When you hear or read this sentence, can you notice the difference in how that word variation makes you feel?  This is a crucial distinction if you want to shift lack to abundance in regards to money.

Change requires transforming consciousness


To shift your consciousness, embody gratitude rather than harbor envy or resentment.  Try the follow exercise: In your mind, picture something that could make you feel envy.  When you survey those negative emotions, how do you feel?  It doesn’t feel good, does it?  Additionally, feeling hateful or bitter lowers your vibration and attracts more of what you don’t want.  Yet, when you truly feel grateful for what you do have, you will draw in more of what you do want.


Ultimately, if you want to shift from lack to abundance, you must find the balance between not being generous and overindulgence.  The key to striking this balance lies in accessing how your feel when you give your time, energy, or money to others.  If it depletes you or creates unease, you are polarized to one extreme.  Try giving in big and small ways and discern how you feel.  Only you know how to find this balance within so you create the world you experience with intention.


Remember, you have to take the crucial first step in identifying which type of consciousness you embody.  Chances are that you probably have some tweaks to make within.  My journey to clear blocks on my spiritual pathway and heal wounds kept me from living a truly authentic life.  Abundance and prosperity came from a lot of soul searching, therapy, spiritual practices and energy tools.


Time to take the courageous first step in creating your best life!





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