New lives incarnating on the planet may experience intense clarity and may uncover their innate abilities at younger ages. These youth manifest their thoughts more easily and rapidly than their elders. Their sensitivity can be misunderstood or stifled rather than cultivated and protected.

Why theories matter


Children require spiritual oversight because of their physiological development.  On the one hand, they express natural, raw gifts, such as manifestation, intuition, and connection with spirits.  The early years can be an auspicious time to cultivate innate spiritual abilities.

On the other hand, due to the rapidly evolving nature of development, external events create personality traits, spiritual blocks, and emotional issues that will unfold in their lifetime. Therefore, it is important to understand child development and the early years to reveal how barriers to abundance manifest.

Why memories matter


Schemas, or the building blocks of mental processes, develop through children’s experiences, as revealed by Jean Piaget in 1936.  He described learning through experiences that are constructed through observations. If a child observes a parent engaging in calm, kind, and patient encounters, he/she learns and integrates those processes in that activity.  The same is true with negative experiences. Witnessing anger, resentment, and bitterness in interactions creates learning processes with these emotions.

Although infants and toddlers may not have the exact cognitive memory recall of interactions in their household, they develop and integrate the emotional memories (how they felt) of those experiences. When parents positively interact with others, healthy, positive energetic vibrations are fostered.  Consequently, adverse effects occur when these experiences are negative.


Why schools matter


When the children transition into active community members in schools, the energetic imprint of their early childhood experiences affects their vibration and attitudes.  Additionally, their daily interactions with others create vibrational changes based upon the positivity or negativity of the exchange.

Moreover, parents control their own vibrations and their energy contributes to the overall feel of the home.  Likewise, teachers, administrators, and staff are responsible for their individual vibrations, which lead to the collective feel in schools.  Outside events, core childhood wounds, and life experiences shape the outlook from adults and affect their vibrations and feelings. Self-awareness of the energy released into the environment is crucial for elevating, maintaining, and transmuting the energy.

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Hence, there is a balance between allowing energy to flow in your body and altering energy to change the vibration you emit. It is healthy to allow difficult emotions to flow through you to release and to heal.  However, when in a communal environment, especially one that is immersed in young, sensitive energy, how that energy flows out is essential to the health of the consciousness of the building.


Why feeling the feelings matters


Thus, suppression of emotions conceives illness and evolves into a spiritual bypass.  Oversimplifying, denying, or avoiding challenging emotions disrupts the flow of energy.  Read more about the dangers of spiritual bypassing here:

High vibrational beings do not dissuade themselves from feeling anger, sadness, or resentment.  Rather, they allow the emotion to move through them by observing the feelings.  Facilitation of processing, healing, and integrating core wounds and experiences lessens the impact of volatility and negative emotions. Additionally, the amount of time to progress though these emotions will shorten.  The ultimate goal is to witness and acknowledge the emotion rather being swayed by it for long periods of time.


Why you have a responsibility for your energy


Although the population is more aware of vibrational energy and effects of thoughts and feelings, many individuals do not understand the power they possess.  When you work with children, the responsibility of the energetic vibration increases because of their sensitivity and development.

Immerse yourself in information that promotes your spiritual growth to increase the spiritual prowess.  Your ability to harness your own energy is the key lever to be a positive role model and member of your community.

Then, go within.

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