No matter how difficult the current energy of the world feels, we must remain dream keepers and steadfast on our life journeys.  Distinctively, holding onto our personal vision of the world we want to live in becomes paramount in progressively impacting our communities. Thus, the call to action within materializes as our desire to live in an equitable and just world elevates upon our own awakening.  Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to become a visionary activist rather than a reactionary one.


What is a visionary activist?


A visionary activist desires transformation in the world through embodiment of universal truths while consciously releasing only positive energy into the world.  Hence, this type of activism requires self-awareness of our thoughts in every moment.  Because our thoughts and reactions to those thoughts create ripples in the world, being responsible for the energy you release into the collective becomes paramount to the health and wellness of the planet.


To read more about how to be a creator in your life rather than a victim of circumstances:


The relationship among emotions, feelings, and thoughts builds the foundation for how you experience life and the energy you emanate.  Understanding the correlation among these human internal systems provides you with navigation tools to manifest the life you want to experience and the type of activism and impact you will create in the world.

What are emotions?


Emotions are:

  • Feeling sensations
  • Physiological reactions
  • The result of a reaction sensed
  • Experienced as positive or negative
  • Flowing fluidly through you
  • Meant to be felt not suppressed
  • From the unconscious mind but can manifest into the conscious mind
  • Responses occurring in the subcortical regions of the brain
  • The precursor of feelings that are instinctual in nature
  • Biologically-based resulting in little variation among people


What are feelings?


Feelings are:

  • Labels we assign to our emotions
  • A verbal representation of our physiological reaction
  • A response to emotion that stems from a person’s perception of a situation
  • A conscious experience of emotional reactions
  • Sparked by emotions
  • Shaped by personal experiences, beliefs, and memories
  • Perceptions of emotions that you assign meaning
  • Varied greatly due to dependency on unique memories or association



What are thoughts?


Thoughts are:

  • Mental cognitions that are influenced by ideas, thoughts, beliefs, perspectives, and points-of-view
  • An arrangement of ideas from thinking
  • Mental processes that serve as a link between emotions and feelings
  • Able to be altered to change your feelings
  • Shaping your reality
  • Not magical but are powerful


The Connection


Emotions, thoughts, and feelings are interconnected and have a profound effect on our lives.  By understanding the nuances among them, you can aspire to change your responses and ultimately how you advocate for the evolution of humanity and the planet.


Due to the nature of emotions, research is limited to support facilitation of changes in them.  Moreover, emotions are innate, instinctual, and present in living creatures.  Interestingly, recent studies have revealed that cold-blooded animals are more complex than originally understood.  Therefore, they may also experience a range of emotions on some level.


When something occurs in the external world (or at times, in an internal memory), our emotions emit signals.  Based upon your individual life experiences, feelings arise as a result of your inner landscape and your responses to these signals.  Inevitably, your thoughts about these feelings create your reality and how you experience these moments.


Self-connection unlocks your power


With these concepts in mind, creation of your reality becomes tangible and within your reach.  To clarify how to integrate these processes, you must first develop an awareness of your thought patterns to recognize undesirable ones.


Slowing down pathological busyness and developing mindfulness practices establish the cornerstones for self-awareness.  Read more about this balance:

Being rather than doing allows for connection to your intuition and higher self.  Accordingly, you can be an observer of your thoughts, of your reactions to external events, and of the physical responses to your emotions by going within and being still.


If you do not connect with your inner world, you cannot change how you experience your external world.  Going within and addressing difficult and challenging feelings about emotional events in your life may be one of the most multi-layered and complex endeavors of your life.  Because of the deep pain stored inside, most people avoid doing this work.  Read more about the dangers of spiritual bypassing:


Observing your inner landscape


Once you are able to connect within, your inner voice will emerge. When this happens, you will be able to observe your thoughts in a discerning manner.  As you think positive and loving thoughts, joy encircles your essence and creates a positive vibration. This vibration will increase an attraction to positive experiences in your life.


Conversely, as you think negative thoughts, do not become angry at yourself.  Rather, send kindness and compassion to yourself to counteract the negative vibration.  It is worth noting that one-off negative thoughts are not as powerful as habitual patterns of thoughts and beliefs.  Chiefly, you should be mindful of predominately negative thoughts because they shape how you experience the world.



Releasing negativity in healthy ways


Anger is emotion that is usually felt on the surface level with fear or anxiety beneath it.  Moreover, it is not only instinctual but is also healthy to feel anger.  For this reason, allowing it to come to the surface releases you from becoming a prisoner to unexpressed emotions, which can lead to mental or physical health issues. Additionally, negative emotions that linger lead to negative feelings and thoughts.  When you focus on the negativity, you attract more of what you don’t want from vibrating lower frequencies.  Essentially, finding a way to free yourself of anger in a healthy manner allows you to keep your vibration high and attract more of what you want to see in the world.


Ways to release anger include:

  • Prayer
  • Breathe work
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Traditional therapy
  • Energy healing
  • Journaling
  • Grounding outside and releasing it into the Earth
  • Affirmations
  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Sound therapy
  • Tuning fork healing
  • Chanting

Circling back to activism


In conclusion, being a visionary activist allows you to funnel passion, hope, and integrity into your activism rather than anger, fear, and despair.  Now more than ever, we have an opportunity to reset the world.  The road is long and has many obstacles.  Nevertheless, the reopening of the world post-COVID with the new levels of awareness and awakenings that occurred in 2020 provide a welcomed chance for global change.



Be the change you want to see in the world by visualizing the world you want to experience and taking responsibility for your energy in the world.  Your ripple matters.

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