I cultivate three core gifts as an intuitive soul that foster my soul growth and healing. These gifts allow me to live with integrity and genuineness. I feel an inner joy and peace that cannot be comprised. Through my work, I can assist you in learning how to develop and to embody these gifts to live your best life and feel true purpose.

Abundance Birther

Being in an abundance consciousness and expressing your authentic self creates high vibrational energy.  To fully embody abundance consciousness, you must learn to listen to your heart, heal your inner wounds, and integrate authentic gratitude to elevate your energetic frequency.  A heart-based approach to living facilitates soul growth and fulfillment.  When you experience abundance, your body feels electrified, and your heart fills with joy. I teach practices that are designed to assist you in creating and experiencing a life filled with peace, bliss, and hope.  Learning how elevate your vibrational energy will allow you to attract desired experiences and to cocreate your best life.  By cultivating an abundance consciousness, you can learn to birth a passionate, authentic life.

Soul Feeder

Feeding your own soul through learning to understand yourself and others elevates your energy and allows you to live your fullest potential. Through enlightenment and education, you can discover your life purpose to fulfill your soul mission. Interactions with others provide valuable life experiences that invite connection, vulnerability, and authenticity. Through the power of intentionality and the laws of the universe, you can learn to thrive and to flourish despite any circumstances. I assist others in creating pathways of resiliency by facilitating healing and growth through cultivation spiritual practices. Connecting to the soul on a daily basis provides clarity and guidance needed to feed your soul.

Bridge Builder

​Building bridges brings people together and eliminates separation from others. At times, emotions of grief, despair, anger, and rage may surface when events trigger old wounds, which results in communication breakdowns. Acknowledging that trauma and pain causes challenges allows for identification of the blocks that need to be disassembled. I assist others to recognize their core wounds, to learn self-compassion, and to discover the inner courage to go deeply within and heal. By empowering others to connect, bridges to one another are built.

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