As you construct the vision for your life and the world you want to see, being mindful of the energy you release into the world ranks as a top priority.  It is not enough to project happiness externally, especially if your inner landscape is in turmoil.  (Not only is toxic positivity disingenuous, but it is also unhealthy.)  Rather, the upshifting of our vibration as visionary activists who radiate joy, love, and harmony becomes paramount to creating health and wellness in the universe.


The Mission of Awakening Beings


As embodiment of visionary activism emerges as the primary mission of enlightened and awakened beings, responsibility for the energy you emit and contribute to the world lays a crucial foundation for change.  Furthermore, as you awaken and understand the connection amongst our souls to the collective consciousness, your focus gravitates towards the greater good of humanity.


Thus, figuring out your unique life purpose and carving out roads for your journey are essential steps to creating and living a life of authenticity.  Read more about visionary activism and consciously releasing your energy here:


What is the Collective Consciousness (also spelled Conscience)?


  • A sociological concept developed by Émile Durkheim
  • A collection of individuals/souls/creatures
  • A set of beliefs, attitudes, values, and customs shared by a group
  • Solidarity formed amongst people working together for societal achievements
  • A social phenomenon diffused across society
  • An internal knowing shared by all
  • The interconnection of all souls in the universe as one



Massive Fear Infuses the Planet


Specifically, awakened beings understand that we are souls who incarnated on Earth to have a human experience.  As human beings, we possess the ability to use our thoughts to create the reality we encounter each moment.  Moreover, our thoughts directly impact the unfolding of our daily lives.  Unfortunately, remembering this ability to manifest our reality may be lost in the ethers upon our arrival to the planet.


Presently, the world pause has triggered a mass fear around the world.  Because COVID has killed over a million people worldwide, the pandemic continues to be a part of our daily discussions and the media’s focus.  Therefore, if you enter a room full of people without masks on, you may experience the emotion and physiological bodily indication of fear.  Thus, fear is an instinctual reaction/emotion that has a visceral response in the body.


Creation Through Thoughts


As a result of your emotions, feelings arise about the risks of COVID.  Because of the nature of the origin of our feelings, our individual interpretation and experience of feelings varies from person to person. Hence, our feelings occur from of our account of our personal experiences and how we associate them with our emotions.


Following, your thoughts about your emotional responses to circumstances create your feelings.  How you think about an emotional response creates your thoughts surrounding it.  In essence, you may be reflecting on the pain and suffering that COVID has caused others after reading a news story.  Accordingly, your thoughts gravitate towards the number of deaths and people who were hospitalized.


Consequently, these thoughts lead to feelings, such as feeling afraid to be in the room. Because of everything you have read and learned about COVID, you associate the room full of people with getting sick and being a life-threatening situation.  These mental processes (our thoughts about non-mask wearing individuals) link our innate emotions (fear) to our feelings (being afraid to be in large groups of people not wearing masks).


Change What You Can


For the most part, changing your emotions is not possible.  However, you can change the associations between your feelings and your thoughts.  You can choose what to focus on in every situation.  In a room full of people, you can make the choice to not stay focused on what may happen when you enter the room while taking safety precautions, such as wearing a mask.   Additionally, you can take other precautions if you choose to enter the room to ensure your spiritual safety, which include controlling the breath, stay present in the moment, visualizing an energetic bubble of protection around you, and realigning your thoughts to staying healthy.


You can also choose to not enter the room.


At this time, we are on this planet with all of its energetic and materialized challenges.  However, your thoughts about this time period can shape your experiences.  In actuality, your mind is an energy powerhouse that interconnects your thoughts to the collective consciousness.


Changing your thoughts by changing your synaptic wiring and forging new neural pathways, neuroplasticity, facilitates a change in your thought patterns.  Because traumatic events or past experiences are hardwired into our brain, shifts allow us to create new thoughts to replace our thinking.


Therefore, establishment of a growth mindset and continuous learning (beyond rote memorization) create avenues of rewiring.  Consider learning as learning new processes rather than learning new facts, which requires less intentionality, to generate rewiring.  Alas, the act of engaging in a new behavior creates new neural pathways thus replacing the ones that are ingrained within us.  Hence, the upshifting of our vibration can be one of many desired results.


Attraction Creates Your Experiences


The results can manifest in tangible forms.  By using the law of attraction, thoughts that are generated create the reality experienced. The keystone of the law of attraction is “our thoughts become things” that you will attract in your life.


Key aspects of the law of attraction:


  • Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies.
  • When entities with energy interact, they vibrate in either harmony or discord.
  • The frequency at which you vibrate effects your external world and things you attract.
  • Entities attract more of the same frequencies into their lives.
  • Lower frequency vibrations emerge from negativity while positivity generates higher frequency vibrations.
  • Positive or Negative external events are the experiences you will attract based upon your vibration.
  • Positive vibrations are produced by love.
  • Negative vibrations are produced by fear or hatred.
  • Higher frequency vibrations hold more power than negative ones and can reduce/eliminate lower frequency vibrations.
  • How you feel overall (low versus high) indicates your current vibration.
  • Raising your frequency requires mindfulness and focusing on the present moment.


Read more about practicing mindfulness through meditation:

Division Divides


At heart, the current status of the world naturally evokes negative vibrating frequencies of fear.  Compounded with the spreading of the virus, the inequities among cultures, races, and subgroups of the population soared into the spotlight.


What exacerbates the situation immensely is the inability to have universal cohesion on the imminent and dire need for change.  Long-standing systemic oppression and abuse of humans based upon race, religion, economics, and culture have the ability to be transformed.  Yet, denial, greed, hate, and evil loom in the air and materialize every second.


Although protests, demonstrations, and revolutions have brought about remarkable changes, the same bottom line exists:  There is a lack of equity, freedom, and justice worldwide amongst living beings. Denial of this appalling reality or fueling our activism with negative vibrational energy will only create more of what we don’t want.


Shape Your Changes


In summary, we must change ourselves within.  Upshifting our vibration is essential for change.  Focusing on what is in our control, which is how we react to things, and the energy we release into the collective needs to be our number one priority.  Righteous anger is healthy and appropriate but is toxic for the collective consciousness.


Finding ways to heal and release anger appropriately will cause an upshifting in our vibration and, ultimately, the collective.


Be the change.


Read more about The Law of Attraction:

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