The journey within is often painful.  Most humans carry heavy baggage without realizing it.  Thus, anger and sadness can be locked deep inside for years before it gushes out.  And when it flows, balance unhinges and may end up off kilter for a long time.

Emotional pain suppresses bliss


Some individuals do not realize they are angry and sad because it is their homeostasis.  Rather than enjoying a stable equilibrium of peace and joy, they are consumed with rage and grief. Therefore, their natural rest state stays in disequilibrium. Consequently, this imbalance affects all areas of life.

When an individual is consistently off balance, their internal chaos affects everyone around them. In public, encounters with these individuals can be tension-filled and unpredictable. Without knowing it, you can trigger them just by walking past them with a smile. Even though addressing their emotions becomes pivotal to their survival, the journey within is avoided out of the fear of the ensuing anarchy inside when facing pain.

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School as a catalyst for release


Subsequently, school buildings are public places that people in flux tend to release their feelings. Although a miscommunication does not warrant yelling and screaming at the front desk, it happens fairly often. After these tirades, the unleashing damages the energy of the schools and creates a disruption to the flow of positive energy.  The journey within is needed now more than ever but often avoided after conflict.

Due to the structures of schools, employees in schools face daily struggles to harvest optimistic energy throughout their day. Additionally, fear saturates the foundation of the school, which is a curriculum producing, test-taking factory rather than a house of joy and fun.

Hence, mindful staff who desire to create productive and joyful energy in their surroundings must draw from their inner reserves and protect which energy they allow in their energy fields.  Carrying the light and empowering others to take the deep dive becomes paramount to make it through the days.

When a disruption occurs, the delicate balance disintegrates as the negative vibrations flood the building. Paralyzing darkness punctuates the consequences of these disruptions in schools. Rather than taking the journey within to recalibrate, people withdraw out of self-preservation.


The urgency for healing


Schools are comprised of students, parents, staff, and teachers/administrators.  Parents, teachers, and administrators build portals for students to enter.  Their trajectories are created through words, actions, and feelings of the individuals who lead them. When someone is injured or hurt by pain, students absorb these feelings.  To read more about why your energy matters to students:

Therefore, the healing of parents, teachers, and administrators directly affects the students.  When individuals act from their highest selves, students prosper.  When they act from a place of injury, students suffer.

Everyone must take responsibility for their part in the energetic vibration of the schools.  The students are worthy of learning inside their buildings with a positive flow of joyful and hopeful energy. For that reason, the journey within is crucial for the success of the next generation.

Feeling peace within is worth the work.  And, it is your responsibility for how your energy feels and how it affects others.

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