To understand the power of creation emboldens you to forge new pathways and take risks.  Without knowing that you have the power from within to create changes, victimhood takes over and begins to be the driving force in your life.  Eventually, with all of its recklessness, victimhood thrusts your life into a spiraling abyss of pain.  Thus, to embody the knowing that you have the power to change your life becomes the crucial cornerstone of learning for humans.  Therefore, schools must do their part in helping students harness their innate power.


The joy factor


Even before the pandemic, schools weren’t fun. The joy in schools slowly leaked out over time.  Without actually realizing it, I awoke one day noticing the elation of teaching had left my being. So, I used the power of creation to build a new road in my life and retired from school systems.  But I still reflect upon my time at K-12 schools to ascertain how the joy left.


As I look back to the mid-90s, my career felt joyful. If you asked me back then if the students had fun in my classroom, I would have exclaimed, “Yes!”  Several key moments come to mind. For example, creating Mardi Gras floats and marching down the hallway throwing beads remains one of my favorite highlights of teaching.  Starting weeks before, we created an entire unit with all of the important skills from each core area.  Because I taught students with Autism, we interwove related services of speech, physical therapy, and occupational therapy into our tasks.



The joy factor in school


Being able to have project-based learning and skills naturally embedded into our activities allowed for authentic learning to transpire.  Plus, engaging students with Autism for long periods of time seems impossible.  Yet, our month-long Mardi Gras unit aroused our students and piqued their curiosity every day.  Read more about project-based learning here:


At that time in my career, I just embarked on my first spiritual awakening complete with a long “dark night of the soul” that lasted months.  In the early 90s, spirituality lived in the back corners of the book store and coffee shops.  Therefore, I did not have the option of google or the internet to understand the transformation inside of me.  Over time, I found people who assisted me and guided me through my awakening.  As a result of those mentors, I learned about the power of creation and the importance of healing. Read more about having a spiritual awakening here:



Intentionality creating the joy factor


Although I have no regrets, I reflect back upon my teaching in the classroom, which lasted nine years.  Without knowing, I taught my students the power of creation without having intention about it.  Inside of me, I fostered curiosity and teaching through play without connecting it to mindfulness.  If I could return to the classroom, abundance consciousness would be an intentional thread woven into every day.


Right now, in the evolutionary winds of change that cut deeply into our comfort zones, we have an opportunity to transform schools from the roots up.  Part of that change must involve teaching the power of creation through intentionality.  Starting from preschool, teachers can teach students about understanding their emotions, how to identify the physical manifestations of them in their body, and breathing exercises to focus them back into the present moment.  The recognition of unpleasant emotions that often cause children to feel out of control transforms into peace through the breath. These precursory practices wire students for navigating perception of their internal landscape and provide building blocks to their power of creation.


In essence, the most precious gift a teacher can give to their students is understanding their natural ability to create the next moment with joy.