Intuitively, we feel a magnetic pull to the outdoors. It is as if our heart tugs us into the open air in order to take a breath from pace of life. When in nature, putting down the burdens you carry occurs in a natural way.  Without thinking, you relax into the lushness of the flora and restore through soothing of the waters.  Yet, as hustle and bustle replace rest and relax in our hectic scheduled-filled lives, we pull away.  Barely functioning, the large majority consumes caffeine and sugar to fuel their engines rather than sunshine and greenness. At the end of each day, we collapse in the bed. Rather, you should nourish your soul to flourish in life.  Merely surviving is not truly living.


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Blindly moving forward


The daily grind not only exhausts your physical body.  It slowly erodes the vibrancy from your essence.  Limiting beliefs and lack of balance supplant our instinctual ability to live with ease in the flow.  Although some experience an unimaginable life, some people still find joy despite what manifests in the external world.  Essentially, living in a war-torn militant country carries a different set of issues.  In spite of that, the primordial need to live a joyful life often inspires the inclination to seek pleasure.  They find a way.  They make a way.


Thus, when you live with a certain amount of freedom, having access to basic life necessities clouds our gratitude. Little by little, the automaticity of our routine pulls blinders down.  As we trudge forward, the quality of our lives suffers.  Time becomes elusive as we separate from our highest self.  Without allowing moments of mindfulness, we pull away from our truest selves.  We become so heavy that we have no ability to self-assess our own wellness. If you nourish your soul to flourish in life, you restore your energy centers.  Finding a daily practice to integrate into your life.


Consciously moving on


Ways to nourish your soul:

  • Garden
  • Candles
  • Salt bath
  • Spa day
  • Walk, Run, or Bike
  • Meditate
  • Read
  • Pray
  • Chant
  • Yoga
  • Affirmations
  • Cook
  • Volunteer
  • Call a positive friend
  • Watch a happy movie
  • Breathe
  • Massage, acupuncture
  • Sound bath
  • Eat whole/healthy food


If you live in a hamster wheel spinning with unhealthy food, few hours of quality sleep, and no exercise, eventually, the stress manifests in your body.  Some people get sick.  Others become depressed.  And many bury their feelings deep inside until they erupt in an explosion.  Read more about emotional landmines from hidden triggers here:

Moving each moment in the flow


Life should be enjoyed not just endured.  Somehow, life purpose and passion distorted into demanding hours and overpacked responsibilities.  The bliss of simplicity leaked out of our lives and crashed our soaring balloon to the ground.


Always remember that in each moment, we can allow our lives to flow.  Regardless of the situation in our lives, we can change our habits and create a more mindful lifestyle.  Nourish your soul to flourish in life.  It’s not a way.  It’s the way.