As the disappointment of finances materializes, some will bite down on the sour grape.  Rather than allow for the ebbs and flows of income to stream, bitterness may etch the skin.  For it is easy to be tangled in the vines of what didn’t happen instead of just observing the growth cycle of prosperity.  Moreover, your thoughts surrounding the current status of abundance (or lack) can lead to a plunge straight to the ground.  If you believe money is the root of evil, you create money blocks. This lack mindset strengthens the weeds that strangle the magnificence from budding. Thus, a mind shift to money builds a foundation of freedom fruits the vineyard with a luscious harvest.  You must dig deeply into the rich soil of your soul to find the weeds that mire your growth and inhibit your own healing and expansion.



Turn back to your younger years


In childhood, we listen and absorb our familial patterns concerning money.  While some families tout how money builds a foundation of freedom, others describe money as the underpinning of arrogance, ruthlessness, and selfishness. If you recognize patterns of money blocks in your consciousness, you can work towards releasing them. Because as an adult, you can recreate the lens in which you view the world.  Choosing how you allow the external world to affect you creates a lens of discernment.  The more you tolerate negative energy around you, the more likely you are to absorb the toxicity of it.  Read more about discernment here:



Yet, it is not that simple.  Protecting yourself from harmful energy is only part of the process.  In essence, even if you understand that your internal dialogue needs to change or you need to create boundaries from negativity, the energetic imprint from childhood still lingers.  This imprint developed from your exposure to the implicit and explicit messages about money you absorbed in your childhood.  Additionally, the pervasive energy of abundance versus lack consciousness streaming down your family lineage also affects your aura.  Read more about how to transform familial energy here:



Turn inward to the present moment


In order to focus on your inner landscape and building the knowing that money builds a foundation of freedom, delving into your beliefs about money arises as the crucial cornerstone of transformation.


Here are some powerful questions to ask yourself about money:


  • How do you feel about money, in general?
  • What were the common pervasive thoughts about money in your household growing up?
  • How do you feel about people with a lot of money? How do you feel about people with very little money?
  • Do you think it is difficult to make money?
  • Do you believe that you have to work jobs that aren’t aligned with your highest good to make money?
  • What are your beliefs about your ability to generate money?
  • How do you feel about debt? Paying off the debts?
  • When you look into the future, what do you think retirement will look like for you?
  • Are you open to receiving money?
  • Do you believe that money builds a foundation of freedom?

Turn things around


The answers to these questions will help you identify where your money blocks lie.  If you don’t believe that money builds a foundation of freedom, your mindset will create a prison of restriction.  Rather than plunge deeper in despair at a financial setback, set yourself free by changing your beliefs by first understanding what they are.  Once you acknowledge how your truly feel, you can begin healing and transmuting anything that doesn’t serve your highest good.


If you believe you can transform your money matters, you will.