At times, life appear effortless and easy flowing like beautiful white-capped billows of water dancing down a rugged mountainside.  In these moments, a sigh floats into the air and dissipates in joy.  But when the flow ebbs, iron fists forward push with all of their might to move things along.  Yet, the harder the push; the more resistance comes into our pathway.  If we unclench our grasp, movement commences in perfect timing.  Letting go creates a flow.


Trusting in the process


Being mercurial in nature, humans often overuse their minds and logic to make decisions.  Looking at all of the options, we choose the one that “makes sense.”  These choices may or may not have the desired outcome we intend.  When a favorable outcome materializes, we congratulate our rational, thinking brain for leading us to that result.  But if something doesn’t manifest or appears in an unexpected way, we blame ourselves.  Conversely, if we allow our feeling heart to guide us, we tend to trust that an unexpected outcome leads us to the next right thing.


In essence, each choice builds upon the next one.  What appears to be “wrong” paves the way to the next road when tuning into our highest self.  Listening to our heart eases our discomfort from unforeseen events. Trusting in the process allows letting go to create a flow. Ultimately, forgiving ourselves becomes easier because our gut instinct guides us to our destiny.  The process of elimination led by our ego may actually align with our gut.  But, choosing something that doesn’t seem logical may be counterintuitive when unaccustomed to mindfulness practices.


At times, we have larger choices to make. Choosing at a crossroad, we have more at stake.  Rather than use your heart and feel through the choice, we often use our false ego to weigh out preferences.  Read more about using your intuition to guide you at these junctures:


Trusting rather than overthinking


Our thinking mind can lead us to trying to control the outcomes.  Actually, influencing a situation can be favorable.  When interviewing for a new job, reading about the organization and its staff reveals ambition and denotes a proactive nature.  Showing up prepared affects the flow of the interview creating a smoother conversation.  Then, letting go creates a flow regardless of outcome.


However, some will perseverate on the decision.  Overanalyzing the conversation and picking apart every word places unnecessary focus on what you decided in the moment.  Rather, go within and find peace inside.



What is the flow?


The flow state facilitates energy throughout as it illuminates our bodies with joyous sensations. As we align our thoughts and feelings to our actions, we reside in the present moment.  Moreover, if we choose a challenging yet rewarding goal, we learn the flow state feeling just through the art of doing and mastering that task.


Although the end goal lies in our sight, our focus tunes into the process of reaching the goal.  Reaching the goal remains the ultimate achievement. Still, the ease to which it comes to us fulfills us and aligns us to the movement of flowing energy.  This state is also known as “in the zone.”  Read more about this zone here:


Trusting the release lever


As we get into a productive flow, the ease we feel infiltrates our life.  The more we commit to releasing and allowing, the more space we give to the universe to provide our desires.  Nevertheless, simplicity doesn’t always follow our commitment of release.  Thus, energetic blocks may impede our journey.


Unresolved trauma and childhood pain builds within us.  When left without resolution, energetic blocks morph into defense mechanism and ego-navigated practices.  The longer these blocks exist, the more build-up occurs within.  With blocks, a regular flow state encounters bumps, twists, turns, and stoppages.


Letting go creates a flow when you commit to healing and seeking guidance from your authentic self.  Allow yourself to experience the steady stream of abundant flow through digging deep, addressing and removing blocks, and acknowledging that your genuine feelings guide you to ultimate freedom in the flow of life.