Recently, I came across an interesting blog post about hope. In it, the author asserted that holding onto hope is a survival skill that keeps us locked into a pattern of waiting for something or someone to change. Essentially, hope hinges on external situations and disempowers us. Alternatively, she stated that being hopeful and having hopefulness allows for changes within. To bolster her argument, the writer explained that hopefulness empowers us to move forward because it is routed in our actions. Yet, I believe your intention powers your life and propels you forward.

What do you want to come into your life?


Upon reflection, I continue to wrestle with her distinction. Rather than take her position, I contend that the intention you hold about the change you hope for in your life unlocks the door to creating your future.  And, furthermore, courageously turning the key to the barriers to your intention releases hope for them to unfold.  Therefore, your intention powers your life as you wait for the door of evolution to open.


Firstly, let’s look at the author’s assertion:  Having hope requires us to wait for something to change while hopefulness trusts and requires movement from us.


Secondly, let’s consult the dictionary.


The dictionary has two definitions of hope:

  • A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen
  • A feeling of trust


According to the second definition, hope is trust.  Thereby, linking hope to intention requires a delve into what intentions are.


What is an intention (dictionary definition)?

  • A thing intended
  • An aim
  • A plan


If your intention powers your life, then having goals or holding space for change allows for things to develop or transform.

Analysis Paralysis


Likewise, even though discussions over the connotations of these words initiate whirls of thought and reflection, they also can build a rabbit hole to nowhere. Instead of forging ahead with changes, some people get mired down in word choices they use. Often times, teachers can generate unease and insecurity regarding words we use causing others to overthink and analyze.


Although, I should add that deliberate use of words holds importance in some contexts.  Read more about my thoughts around words here:



In actuality, recognizing that hope (a feeling of trust) facilitates the impetus for changes in your life circumstances can motivate your actions. What are your intentions behind the changes you want to see?


In the energetic realms, an intention is your desire for the unmanifested to come into form.  An example is holding the intention to have more money in your life.  Through some ritual or process, you create this intention to experience more material wealth in your life and then release it into the ethers until it manifests. Thereby, hope evolves from the trust you place into the universe to cocreate your desires into form.  Read more about the unmanifested here:


In conclusion, whether you hold hope or hopefulness in your heart, your actions and creations guide your journey.  To empower your life, identify your intentions and design avenues for changes.  Then, pick a dandelion, blow on it, and watch the seeds of your future manifest.

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