As the mist dewed my windows with its weepiness, I awoke with a bulge in my throat.  Rolling over in my bed, the melodious sounds of the birds urged me to rise.  Yet, the panic felt throughout my body froze my will to leave my bed.  Finally giving in to the unavoidable, I slid out of the bed and faced the reality of a new week.  This was my waking cycle prior to the pandemic. But now, I don’t hate Mondays anymore.


The Newness Elevates


When you first start out a new job, excitement floods your body dousing it with endless possibilities.  Each day brings a new adventure and a learning curve that twists your routine.  Although the novelty eventually wears, when you feel an alignment to your work, a flow of elated energy continuously bubbles as it delights your soul.  Although your feet are flat upon the ground, you elevate high above.


Over time, enthusiasm wanes as you integrate your professional life into your repertoire.  Even if every second doesn’t bring ecstasy, overall, you feel peace when your career reflects your soul calling.  Part of the contentment involves forming relationships with others.


Like a multi-snack trail mix, your coworkers and their energies vary.  You never know what you will find.  Yet, somehow, you always forge a relationship with at least one kindred spirit.  But when the nourishment from others shifts from many to few, your daily experiences alter your equanimity.  And despite a myriad of pluses, the minuses may eclipse your joy.  So much so that in your time off, you begin to develop anxiety about your employment.


The Newness Dissolves


Day after day, if you face unawakened colleagues, the negativity slowly clouds your day.  Ego-inspired actions and wounds projected pierce your environment.  Before long, you find yourself constantly dodging bullets traveling towards you propelled with anger and jealousy.  And then, the dread of Mondays seeps into Sundays. The blues invade the sparkles of the golden bliss that once illuminated your free time.


Having courage to make changes becomes crucial.  Eventually, if the misalignment continues, the burden of having to constantly shift energies around you becomes unbearable.  Ignoring the obvious that the time to leave is upon you won’t stop the feelings of dread that overpower your homeostasis.  Read more about steps to take to make changes in your life here:


Because the school/office environments I worked became the same wherever I went, I had to face the truth.  A physical place to work outside of the home doesn’t work for me.  No matter how many times I sprayed sage spray, carried crystals, and chanted sacred prayers, the unawakened energies deeply affected me.

A New Newness Appears


Affording the ability to work from home, the pandemic provided me with an opportunity.  Starting in March 2020, I felt the freedom of working from home.  Being able to control what energies moved through my space, I floated through each day.  Like a seed of the dandelion, no matter what I moved past, I continued to glide effortlessly through my day.


Days turned into months.  As the virus spread, more time at home materialized.  Before long, I realized I don’t hate Mondays anymore. In fact, I loved them!


And when work summoned me back into a building, I did not heed the call; I left.  Thus, the beautiful flow of life continued to gush around me. I listened to my intuition and resigned from my job.  Read more about how releasing facilitates the flow here:


Prior to March 2020, despite which job I had, I eventually began to dread Sundays.  As each week ended, the joy in my life lessened.  Eventually, my weekends dissolved into misery.  And the thought of another day surrounded by a dearth of bliss befell upon me.


The Joy From The Never-fading Newness


Recognizing that a peace filled me and permeated my being during the lockdown, I upshifted.  New-found levels of liberation danced throughout my soul and brought me to a conclusion.  Because of my sensitivity, working in a building all day disrupted my Zen.  After years of trying everything, I realized I just needed to go.


And, as I thrust through a new layer of consciousness, opportunities landed around me.  Additionally, streams of creativity poured out of me as I started my own company.  Being able to build my business and write my soul messages became an every day occurrence.  Given that I don’t hate Mondays anymore, every day of the week fills me with joy.


In spite of the external world that filled with loss, grief, and fear, my soul beamed hope.  This hope allows me to hold extra space for all who endure immense challenges, difficulties, and obstacles.  But as I recognize that courage and circumstance brought me a window of opportunity to change, I reached for the brass ring just outside of my window sill and pulled myself into a new realm.