As honesty falls from you lips, the sentiment may not be welcomed.  For not everyone has the capacity to hear or to acknowledge the others’ frankness or insight.  Discernment concerning who to speak with candor to and how to convey these messages to them arrives as a delicate walk on a tightrope. The balance of compassion with integrity while being forthright emerges on this slippery slope.  But how the words fall upon someone can only be predicted with time.


Creating Reality through Healing


In my experience, awakened individuals committed to healing and ownership of their paths possess an openness. The ability to listen to others cultivates a calmness and willingness to hear the thoughts and feelings of others.  People who have been awakened tend to honor their need to address their deep core wounds. As they embark upon their quest for wholeness, observing replaces reacting.  This shift evolves as a result of acknowledging that reactions should not dominate the emotional landscape.


Rather, healing should.  And naturally, as you heal, the anger that once resided within you disappears.  Therefore, the ability to listen and to process information becomes easier.  Moreover, the emotions that once controlled you defuse.  Others’ words have less power to harm you.


As well, individuals who are unawakened have an inclination to embody victim consciousness. Because they have not yet explored their inner pain, the likelihood to act from defensiveness or a place of wounding dramatically increases.  As a result, a conversation, even a seemingly innocuous one, may trigger a harsh reaction.  These reactions can arise as overreactions and cause much distress to everyone.  To learn more about emotional wounds, watch this brief video:

Nurturing Fear Rather Than Fearlessness


Walking on eggshells as a result of relationships with wounded people exhausts those who interact with them.  The pressure to “say the right thing” and avoid triggering them creates massive discomfort and anxiety.  Hence, how the words fall upon someone can prevent you from speaking your truth or owning your authenticity.


As a result, hiding your true nature or being grounded in yourself may create internal stress or grief.


Being true to myself and allowing my genuineness to shine every day lets me be me.  Having to wear a protective energetic cloak to shield myself exhausts me (just thinking about it).  How the words fall upon someone may replace the power of the actual words and natural movement of a conversation.  Feeling the need to resist being yourself generates a massive resistance theme in your overall life and blocks your flow.



Flying To New Heights


Over the past year, I recognize that I cannot participate in friendships or relationships that encourage me to sacrifice my authenticity for their comfort.  I have gently released these connections for my own self-preservation.  Additionally, the people who reside in their own victim consciousness cause me to focus upon others’ interpretations.  This lens created an unhealthy need for me to divert my focus onto their healing and away from mine.  Read more about this type of codependence here:


How the words fall upon someone cannot control your life.  Essentially, how others feel if you decide to walk away becomes part of their journey and healing.  Leaving others for the sole purpose of their healing may be a form of inadvertent manipulation.  Respectfully, we must part from others not as a way to govern their path but as a measure of self-protection for us.  An unwavering focus on our own journeys allows us to embody the peace and joy we desire.



Discernment not Discrimination


When we decide to choose ourselves over others, we liberate ourselves from the chains of control.  Hence, the only control we truly have arises from mindful creation of each moment.  Although others may have attachment to your presence in their life, we must continue our commitment to ourselves.  When you invest in your own journey, you must gently release all that doesn’t serve your highest good.  Although it can be tough, the alternative prevents you from truly living your best life.


As I have healed, I have attracted healthier, life-enhancing people into my life.  What I have realized is that life presents enough challenges in and of itself.  Why complicate things in your life by damaging your energy with others’ toxicity?


Choose yourself and your path to emotional freedom.  How the words fall upon you greatly affects your life.