Incarnating on the planet requires our soul to take form in a human body to live life as a human being. Thus, the human experience arises differently for all of us. While honoring your life path on the soul journey, an integral part includes establishing avenues for compassion for others and radiating love to all life forms.


This state-of-being embraces the deep dive into self-love, in pursuit of your own path of living in absolute authenticity.  In essence, the embodiment of unconditional love, starting with yourself, captures the spirit of ultimate goal of humanity.


Hardships in your human body


Nonetheless, the extreme challenges of our life circumstances, cultural and childhood programming, and the false ego impede our journeys.  At times, if not perpetually, daily living feels arduous, dangerous, and exhausting.  Moreover, life may be so turbulent that seeing outside of yourself appears impossible.


Hence, to lose the connection to others detaches us from a part of ourselves.  At the core, we are all one.  Therefore, when your own pain and fear overwhelms you, mindfulness of others’ journeys arises  with urgency to create perspective and context.


Losing sight of others’ pain buries us in hopelessness.  Calibrating your life and balancing it with gratitude reestablishes your inner fortitude to continue on your pathway.  Equally, these processes allow you to continue honoring your life path on the soul’s journey.  Find ways to establish daily gratitude practices here:



Hardships in the world


To understand the current state of the world, we must recognize the difficulties associated with incarnation into certain races, religions, genders/nonbinaries, and cultures.  Although the soul pathway lies within us, in the external world, the life purpose manifests differently for everyone.


Therefore, addressing life path and soul path as separate endeavors respects the harsh conditions others/we endure. Similarly, to fulfill our purposes, we must understand the difference between our soul purpose and our life purpose.


What is a soul purpose?


Soul Purpose is:

  • An energetically-based journey
  • Focused on loving unconditionally
  • Judgment-free
  • Aimed to heal triggers and fears
  • Designed to radiate love in all areas


What is a life purpose?


Life Purpose is:

  • An action-oriented journey
  • Intended to create and manifest intentionally
  • Discernment-structured
  • Aimed to live your passion, not necessarily as a profession
  • Designed to gift your “calling” to the universe

The tale of two poles


Subsequently, the status of the world during the pandemic illuminated inequities across the globe.  Many individuals knew that these disparities already existed.  Yet, newly awakened souls previously lived disjointed from the issues in communities where they reside. As a result, the reality of the imbalance of resources, power, and access to basic necessities shattered their bubble of insulation.


Read more about how COVID triggered a massive spiritual awakening here:


Regardless of the climate in your external world, acknowledging the hardships other people experience respects and honors the adversities that they face.  Living with blinders on not only discredits the tough terrain millions of people traverse, but it disconnects you from your connection to your own soul.  You cannot begin honoring your life path on the soul’s journey while you are disconnected.



Our interconnection



Without a doubt, acknowledgment of others’ pain, trauma, and adversity unites us to a universal state of compassion while it illuminates hope in the darkness and fear.  Knowing that you are not alone, holding the light for individuals who need hope, and finding common ground among us facilitates our soul growth, enlightenment, and inner peace.


Unfortunately, not everyone can see outside of themselves and their wounds to hold space for others and humanity.  Disconnection from others and intense self-absorption builds upon your own pain and covers your truth while perpetuating chaos and instability. Learning to identify and heal your pain transforms your inner world and creates an ability to be in service to the outer world.


Honoring your life path on the soul’s journey forges the road map to discovering how to be of service to others.  That is why we are here.

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