Honoring the journey of others allows them an opportunity to own their decisions without outside interference.  While it is tempting to interject your will onto others as they navigate their own pathways, it disempowers their discernment.  Rather than insert our control, we must allow for others to make their own choices.

Furthermore, erecting and respecting boundaries amongst individuals encourages people to rely on their innate intuition rather than seeking approval.  Read more about releasing the need to seek approval here:  https://tracinicolesmith.com/sacrificing-authenticity-for-acceptance/




Heating up the internal fires within


In the current climate, criticism and lashing out becomes an automatic response to the actions of our fellow humans.  Moreover, casting disapproval of others’ life choices and actions saturates the collective consciousness in negativity.  Read more about being conscious of the energy you release into the world and how it affects children here:  https://tracinicolesmith.com/why-your-energy-matters-to-children/


But the destructive disparagement runs similarly amidst opposing perspectives. Thus, the familiar road of blame and shame congests both sides of the highway exposing the immense trauma felt within each person.  When you honor the journey of others, you pass people on the road and send them love and compassion rather than fear and condemnation.


And if an individual acts from this place of deeply buried pain, more pain releases into the world and fuels negative vibrations.  In essence, shifting responsibility off of oneself and onto others indicates an avoidance of deep pain buried within that must surface and be healed.  Read more about this type of aversion here:  https://tinybuddha.com/blog/when-we-try-change-others-avoid-ourselves/




Anger destroys and healing rebuilds


Fundamentally, responding to acts of hate with anger generates the same anger that the acts of hate inspired.  Anger is anger.  But what is anger?


Anger manifests as an internal alarm and indicates to you that something just doesn’t feel right within you.  Yet, because it is a secondary emotion stemming from fear or sadness, looking underneath it elicits its healing.  As it masks our true pain that originates from sadness, it also destroys our ability to feel joy and peace.




Rise above while going within


Therefore, aspiring to view events that unfold across the globe through a higher perspective helps to partially remove the agitation.  The rest must be removed through a deep dive within and a commitment to healing.


As you find your light through connecting with your highest self, you allow yourself to be seated in your own power.  Focusing on changing the external only yields more frustration.


Currently, political machines that farm and cultivate inequitable resources landscape our lands.  Make no mistake that choosing to observe culture through a visionary activist lens is not ignoring the world environment.  As awakened souls, it is impossible not to be shaped by all of the inequity and injustice.  Yet, a visionary activist focuses on the change they want to see in the world by becoming that change rather than narrowing in on what others do or don’t do.



Why we are here


However, as a soul taking form in a human existence, our materialization on this plane comes with lessons and learning experiences.  Embodying a human body to expand soul growth and consciousness guides your purpose for your incarnation on the globe. Earth provides a myriad of opportunities to learn and to evolve your consciousness.


In fact, everyone in the Earth realm carries different levels of wisdom and knowledge that accompanied them through different dimensions in the universe.  How and when others choose to advocate for the planet and other humans continues to be a unique experience should be up to the individual to navigate.


And remember, at any time in anyone’s life, a profound shift can permanently alter their perspective.  The same lens that sees hate can be adjusted to see love.  Everything happens in Divine timing.


As you honor the journey of others, the need to concern yourself with what others are doing to make the world a better place dissipates.  Rather, you embrace your own activism and carry your light knowing that you are doing your part.  And, that is all you truly have control over in your life.


Honor the journey of others by healing yourself and graciously releasing the need to focus on others’ actions.


Observe.  Process.  Feel.  Heal.

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