Now more than ever, I am committed to help communities heal rather than hurt others.  It’s a journey that is not for the faint of heart. Yet, due to the massive shift on the planet that started earlier this the year, more humans are heeding the call for universal change.


During the height of the quarantine, I invested in intensive learning and growing, much like my fellow educators.  Since joining Twitter almost a year ago, I have evolved in ways I never imagined.  Of course, 2020 provided unexpected and organic opportunities to catalyze changes within for everyone.


The Existential Door Opened


Like it or not, the world pause and the outer eruptions unearthed turmoil that created mass fear and chaos.  Ultimately, the release of all of these emotions paved the way for immense transformations.


For the open-minded and open-hearted who embody heart-based living, the energetic separation and/or hierarchical structure in the world disappeared.  Likewise, people began to acknowledge the energetic connection that joins all of our souls together. This connection materialized in a palpable way for millions across the globe.


With this new emergence, hope floated onto the horizon as I reminisced about my own experience of waking up to my path of seeking enlightenment.  Thus, I reaffirm that I am committed to help communities heal rather than hurt others.  Focusing on my inner growth allows me to be the best version of myself.  In the end, we only have control over our own selves and the energy we release into the collective.


Conscious Living


In 1994, I had a spiritual awakening that propelled me forward and caused my world to be shaken up.  While I experienced great discomfort for many months, especially because mindfulness and spirituality practices were not acknowledged in the mainstream, I also felt a compulsion to continue on my journey within.  I recognized that once we “see” that we cannot “unsee.”


Read more about this pathway opening up for me:


Throughout my almost 3 decade journey of being awakened, I have encountered many outer world experiences that I have balanced with my inner landscape and core wounds.  Rather than focus on what others are doing or not doing in their lives, I delved deeply into what needed to heal within me.  It is hard enough to be a witness to injustices and massive suffering in the world. But. the circular lashing out and criticism hurts the heart and soul of all.

Calling Out is Ego-based, Not Heart-based


As the world turned, anger trumped calm.  Hence, judgment also slided through the proverbial doorway of blame and destruction.  And then, it began.  The competition to see who could be the most judgmental and condescending ensued.  Rather than focus on the energy of change, many people focused on the energy of condemnation of what others are doing or not doing.


How do you know what anyone is really doing?


When we permit our ego to take leadership rather than our true selves lead us, we are actually allowing our pain to take charge rather than our authentic self.  As we know, when we lead with pain, we inflict more pain.  Rather, to lead with your inner soul empowers love, respect, and compassion to create positive energetic imprints on our actions.


To take a position on social media does not equate into real world action.  The majority of lightworkers, healers, and human service workers do not live their lives as an illusion on an electronic platform competing to see who is the best leader of change.  Rather, they serve humanity with their advocacy and activism in their communities off camera and when no one but God is watching.


Fear of Abandonment


Yet, the calling out comes from the deep-seeded fear that the recent world attention on the urgency to address lack of equity in the US and globally will dissipate.  Therefore, there is a necessity to remind others to stay vigilant. While we wait for systematic, sweeping, and pervasive changes, we must stay conscious of the energy we put into the world.  Attacking others only provides a justification for walking away from the platform of change.


There are institutions committed to these changes:  To that end, the author also recognized that the “fullest” or in other words “highest” selves must show up every day.


I validate that this is a time for focus.  And, the fear of that focus disintegrating calls for concern.  However, the commitment to help communities rather than hurt others must be our center.  Moreover, righteous anger should be released in healthy ways rather than as the fuel for change.  Hence, love, hope, faith, and courage must prevail if we are to prevail in humanity.


Look within.  And, vow to be a part of the healing.

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