Are you tired of the never-ending cycle of unresolved school-related issues?

Do you feel a perpetual energy drain from public education?

Do you want to learn how to heal schools souls?


The heartbeat of a school lies in the heart of classrooms, where children learn, grow, and experience life through interactions with their teachers and each other.  Nestled in classrooms, students acquire ideas, knowledge, and skills to be successful in their lives. 

But, the soul of the school is different.  It is a collective energy that permeates the building and integrates into the fabric of the school community. Interconnecting each soul, the flow of energy transfers from one being to the next one to create the “feel” of the school.

Often times, the soul of the school can be sensed upon entering the building, before any interactions occur.

The soul of the school determines the progress, growth, and success of its inhabitants.  A myriad of factors affects the energetic vibration of the soul.  One of the most predictive elements of the school soul is the school culture.  Currently, the majority of schools have cultivated a culture of lack and blame where “accountability” is the foundation rather than trust and connection.

More often than not, students enter school overwhelmed by first-hand events in the home community experiences shown in the media.  Processing the toxicity manifests in different ways.  Some students are angry and lash out at everyone.  Others shut down and quietly suffer in silence.  While others appear unscathed but are actually desensitized to the pain and feel numb.

All the while, pressure mounts to learn despite the difficulties to focus and the uninspiring structure of education.  These realities place even more pressure on teachers as they are asked to disregard home lives, lack of quality diets, and disrupted sleep patterns of their students for the sake of school improvement scores.

Thus, scoring well on the standardized tests replaces authentic learning and growth. Because, in public education, it is all about “the test.”

To compound the issues, teachers and parents also carry their own wounds, trauma, and diverse energies into school buildings.  If they are unawakened, they unknowingly realize their negative energies into the environment. 

Despite the current circumstances…


 The healing of schools is possible.  It starts within.  If you heal yourself, you will help heal the energy in schools.

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