Trapped in a seaweed web in the deep end of agony. The burden of bitterness tangled in its own salty debris.  As the anchor of resentment grounds the journey to a new beginning, freedom remains elusive floating in the sea of possibilities. Just above the surface on the ocean skin, the sun skates upon the glassy water shining down its warmth. Golden rays twinkle and reflect the beauty of being unencumbered by the pain of the past.  Your liberation arrives when you break through the spirals that binds you to your history. And you learn to forgive the past.  Yet, as you adjust your lens with your logical mind, you release with a caveat: Forgive but never forget what happened.


A loving heart needs to see clearly


Thus, as the heart believes the best in everyone, its lens tints a rosy red which clouds vision.  As this becomes a dangerous shade, judgment suspends.  Rather than criticize others for their behavior or fear their next move, use discernment about their readiness to look within. For everyone isn’t ready to take ownership of their lives. Just because you evolve and take responsibility for your actions and energy doesn’t mean others do or will.


Being awakened has its perks.  Over time with your new found connection to all, compassion floods into body.  Instantaneously, every cell fills with an unconditional love for all living things.  A lightness, a joy, and a softness accompany this new level of awakening.  Each day begins to flow and things that once bothered you evaporate into the illuminated air.



A logical mind needs to see clearly


In spite of your new level of consciousness, many around you still slumber.  Although you feel an instinctual pardon for anyone who hurt you, they still may hurt you again.  If you let them.


Without forgiveness, you will live in an anger-filled world and be a prisoner to your pain and reactions. Therefore, forgive others but never forget what has happened. Read more about the power of forgiveness here:


Close relationships with others who embody a different consciousness than you do creates a misalignment.  While you engage with others and take responsibility for your actions, thoughts, and words, the unawakened deflect and attack.  As they lash out with their defense mechanisms and wall up their true pain, they release any responsibility for their comings or goings.  Turmoil and drama ensue draping them in their toxic vapors. In their presence, peace dissipates in their whirl of chaos.  Although you must not judge them for embodying victim consciousness, you don’t have to absorb it. Forgive but never forget what happened.  For it will happen again and again until they shift.


Read more about the different types of consciousness here:



A peaceful mind needs to let go


In spite of how long or what relationship you have with someone, an awakened person never finds true harmony with an unawakened soul.  Even if they don’t act out, hiding within taints the relationship with a disingenuous tone.  When you are seated in your power and speak the truth, you can sense when someone cannot handle the authenticity or honesty.  Having a genuine connection steeped in trust can only arise when both people embody creator energy and understand the beauty of abundance.


If you seek equanimity in all aspects of your life, you must dismiss any relationships that no longer serve your highest good.  Harboring resentment because someone disappointed you keeps you stuck in the past.  Forgive never forget what happened.  And, be prepared to release them from your life.  Read more about how I found the courage to release here:


In the end, forgiveness is the best gift you can give to yourself.   Start your healing journey today!