Everyone has off days for one reason or another.  Whether it is a lack of sleep or hormones, we all have days of discomfort, short-temperedness, or general unhappiness.  In order to take full responsibility for the energy we put into the world, a crucial choice surfaces.  We can scowl, project, and punish the innocent bystanders for our pain.  Or, we can be fully present in each moment to ensure that others do not suffer just because we suffer.  In essence, if you don’t feel sunshine, don’t flood others with your stormy weather.  Consciously ensure your adverse emotions aren’t projected onto others.





The art of hiding


Prior to my awakening, I stayed pathologically busy to circumvent feeling my feelings.  I ran, I suppressed, and I constantly kept moving, but the discomfort still resided within.  Eventually, those undesirable feelings surfaced in an explosion filled with pain.  Feeling triggered all of the time through interactions with others, I had no choice but to seek therapy.  Read more about emotional landmines imploding here:  https://tracinicolesmith.com/stepped-on-emotional-landmines/


Through therapy and other healing modalities, I realized that interactions that triggered me allowed me to face pain stored deep within me.  Although addressing core wounds and deeply-entrenched trauma feels frightening, healing liberates you.  Without healing, we live only one step away from a major meltdown or conflict.


Having anger, sadness, and grief bubbling just below the surface, it doesn’t take much to trigger unhealed people.  Traffic, long-lines, and unexpected delays may incite their blazing anger towards others. In essence, they want any excuse to spew their venom at others.






The art of recovery


When you start the healing process, you realize that the current situation acts as a spark to ignite the raging inferno inside.  It’s not about the current situation.  Rather, it is about what it triggered in the first place.


Without healing and addressing your buried, deep-seeded feelings, your pain resides in your body. Unaddressed pain holds your ability to feel free hostage.  Thus, anyone who steps in your pathway becomes a target of your misplaced emotions. Therefore, you must always be mindful of your energy.  Don’t flood others with your stormy weather.


As you begin to heal, you allow your feelings to naturally flow.  Subsequently, you also notice that situations that once bothered you no longer have the same effect.  Over time, you don’t react, you observe and process.  Without anger living just beneath the surface, your authentic feelings have room to breathe.





The art of self-discovery


Once you commit to healing, getting to know your truest self becomes essential.  Instead of being overwhelmed, if you use introspection practices, discovering who you are feels exciting.  Meditation and mindfulness create avenues to connect to your highest self.  Additionally, thought provoking questions can direct your thoughts.  Read 87 reflection questions here:  https://positivepsychology.com/introspection-self-reflection/


In closing, if you don’t flood others with your stormy weather, you take responsibility for your energy.  Your healing within allows you to navigate the external world unencumbered by the past or creating drama in the present. As you forge ahead, expansiveness envelops you.  And in the realm of the unmanifested, infinite possibilities await.










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