How many times have you scrutinized your decisions and wished you made another choice?  When you have an unfavorable outcome to your selection, reevaluation feels appropriate.  Yet, as you examine yesterday’s thought process with today’s mindset, you devalue the importance of appreciating where you were.  Looking back on yesterday’s choices with today’s presence proves to be futile. In actuality, reflection of your actions leads to self-judgment.  Rather, embody self-compassion for yourself!  Be in awe of your ability to learn and to grow from your experiences.  Thus, you will realize that being imperfect is perfect.


Know the why


Perfectionism insidiously sneaks into the cracks and infiltrates our life.  It invites itself into our lives without notice.  Like a weed, perfectionism grows into an overpowering force that steals the nutrients from your source, damaging its vibrancy.  Even if you pull up the weeds by the roots, they will return unless you address the cause of why the weeds grew. Ultimately, you must commit to healing and dismantling why you became a perfectionist in the first place.


Because the energy of perfectionism carries an all or nothing vibe, victory at all costs replaces “enough.” You cannot evolve your life when you compare yourself to an unattainable goal, which, in a nutshell, defines perfectionism.  In my life, I have found that being imperfect is perfect as long as I am intentional in my actions. Now that I live consciously, I commit to daily mindfulness practices in order to connect within and identify my deepest desires.


Know your truth


Living consciously and being mindful allows you to unite with your highest authentic self.  Before you awaken to the power you have to create the life you want, you may personify victim-based consciousness.  Instead of realizing life is happening for you and through you, you feel as if it is happening to you.  Read more about the distinction between victim and creator consciousness here:


Determining which lens to use when delving into your life and figuring out your life path carves a natural direction for you.  If you see the glass as half-empty and wallow in regrets, you stymie your ability to move forward.  Being stuck in the past hinders your ability to live in the moment and make deliberate decisions.  Thus, the negative energy you generate from feeling the regrets of yesterday cloud your power to manifest what you desire.


On the other hand, when you see the glass as half-full or enough, you trigger the positive vibrations of joy and gratitude.  Being grateful for what you have provides a springboard that catapults your desires into form.  Read more about the importance of gratitude here:

Know the vastness of the universe

When you see the abundance in the world and the endless possibilities that are available, you possess an ability to create a plentiful life. Through this lens, gratitude becomes a way of life rather than a way to “get what you want.”  As you reminisce about times you in your life, you make connections between not getting what you want as the gateway for getting exactly what you need for your soul growth.  In time, you view delays of your manifestations as building block on the avenue to your desires rather than a denial.


When you reach a goal, you will begin to value how being imperfect is perfect because it brings you to the present moment.  And, that is all we have.

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