Every day, we are faced with choices.  They arise so often that the automaticity of making small decisions integrates effortlessly in our minds without a long, drawn-out thought process.  Yet, at various points in our lives, we arrive at the crossroad of choice and major life decision.  At these junctures, mindfulness and connection to your highest-self becomes paramount.


Subsequently, tiny choices can be viewed as part of daily living that carry little to no consequence. In contrast, when you arrive at the crossroad of choice and major life decision, the entire journey you experience post-decision making significantly transforms the rest of your life experience.






Cruising through life, your inner GPS seamlessly navigates you through thousands of mini-choices. Thus, these decisions generate outcomes that almost seem reflexive in nature.  Yet, arrival at these conclusions requires a spilt-second processing.  These pathways are not found at the crossroad of choice and major life decision. Rather, they are microscopic moments that do not generate huge shifts in your trajectory.


These minute decisions may include the following types of brief questions:


  • Which coffee cup will I drink out of today?
  • Will I turn left and take the short-cut home?
  • Should I get up from my desk and walk around?


Although these thoughts stream through your thinking-based mind, the decisions you make may be based upon your feeling-centered heart without you even realizing it.


  • My cheerful orange coffee cup makes me feel happy.
  • Taking the scenic route provides a peaceful route home.
  • Getting up from my desk feels energizing.


Likewise, they can also be based up a weighing-out of options as a logic-based process to making the decision.


  • I am really tired and will need a larger cup for my coffee today.
  • Turning right will help me avoid traffic.
  • Walking away from my desk will give me a break.


Foundationally, discernment between heart-centered living versus mind-based living establishes the cornerstone for shifting consciousness as you create your life.  To learn more about how to consciously create your life: https://tracinicolesmith.com/are-you-a-creator-or-a-victim/



What is heart-centered living?


  • Natural expressions of the heart (based upon your true, highest self)
  • Observes rather than reacts
  • Restores energy and vitality
  • Decreases conflicts (either intra or inter)
  • Facilitates authenticity and genuineness
  • Connection to oneness/others
  • Enhances intimacy
  • Allows choices to be expression of purpose and connection
  • Focuses on what we can control
  • Honors the soul



Consequently, What is mind-based living?


  • Conceived expressions of the mind (based upon experiences, ego conditioning)
  • Reacts rather than observes
  • Creates burnout and exhaustion
  • Increases conflicts (either intra or inter)
  • Enhances ego and disingenuousness
  • Connection to egoic self
  • Diminishes intimacy
  • Promotes choices of protection and disconnection
  • Tries to control everything
  • Elevates the self



Transforming your way of living


Thus, switching from the cognitive mind-based approach to a soul heart-centered one deepens your practice of cultivating and living a life of purpose, passion, and presence.  It is through an alignment of to your highest, inner-self that returns your essence to your authentic, truest nature. Even more, living a life with equanimity forms each moment with a foundation of joy, love, gratitude, and compassion.


In essence, heart-based living forges an authentic journey that empowers you to tune into your consciousness and make choices based upon your intuition and flow.  Understanding what intuition bolsters your power of creativity, confidence, and clarity.  Read more about how to harness creativity here: https://thriveglobal.com/stories/6-ways-to-harness-the-power-of-creativity-to-create-clarity-in-your-life/





What is intuition?


  • A “gut” feeling
  • An inner knowing
  • Not logical in nature
  • A process that cannot be explained
  • Acquisition of knowledge without reasoning
  • A keen insight
  • Automatic awareness


When you listen to your intuition, you may often or almost always have no regrets.  Nevertheless, ensuring that it is your intuition that you are following and not your mind can be a challenging distinction.


To quiet your mind, practicing meditation allows you to immerse yourself in the present moment while releasing your stream of thoughts.  Learn more about mindfulness here: https://tracinicolesmith.com/practicing-mindfulness-through-meditation/


Crossing the road


As you stand at the crossroad of choice and major life decision, tapping into your intuition enables you to make the choice from your heartfelt desires of your soul rather than from a place of what you think is best for your self.  When you lived unawakened, you layered the self in defense mechanisms, protective walls, and false belief structures.  Once living consciously each moment at a time, the soul can remain free of influence from the challenges of human kind.


Once you cross a large intersection in life, you may not be able to cross back.  Trusting yourself through using your intuitive power provides you with the ability to cross the road with confidence. Even if the choice you make appears unfavorable, you honor those feelings.


And then, you must have Faith.




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