Traci Nicole Smith, Ph.D.

I reside in New Orleans, Louisiana, which is a nationally recognized city known for its school reforms in public education yet is plagued with challenges.

As a public-school teacher, leader, and graduate school instructor with 26 years of experience, I have transformed the lives of countless families for over two decades through my educational expertise and intuitive wisdom.

I have a love for learning and earned four degrees and a certification:

* B.A. in Psychology

* B.A. in Journalism

* M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction (Early Childhood Education),

* Ph.D. in Special Education

Advanced Crystal Practitioner Certificate

In 2019, I formed The Educational Epistolary, LLC, a consultancy specializing in the navigation of spiritual awakening for helpers/healers. 


Offerings will assist with the spiritual awakening process and finding your authentic purpose and navigating your soul’s journey as we work together to help you with: 

* identifying triggers

* healing trauma

* creating healthy boundaries

* elevating consciousness

* facilitating ascension

* protecting energies

* developing abundance consciousness

* dismantling lack consciousness

* embodying creativity


As I provide guidance to others, I embrace my life purpose as a spiritual teacher.


Part of this path is teaching others how to be an abundance birther, soul feeder, and bridge builder, my three core gifts, which assists in you with your soul growth and ascension.

Life should be enjoyed not endured.

My logo that has my name and the phrase "Enlighten and Educate"

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