When you leave a job, life steps in and ushers you into a new reality leaving the old one behind. Yet, the heart strings tied to some coworkers still dangle in the corridors of your heart waiting for reconnection.  After I received a welcomed email back in 2015 from a former coworker, I immediately created plans to see her again. But in those 3 years that had passed, I fortified my boundaries and became selective about sharing my space.  Allowing others into my energy field allows them to enter a sacred space.  Since deepening my spiritual practices, I regard my energy field as a sanctuary energetically constructed to protect my equanimity.






Energetic exchanges with others


Drawn to see my friend again, I scheduled a dinner in my favorite culinary ambience that housed a portico nestled within an oak tree-lined street of New Orleans. The porch of this dining establishment twinkled with bright lights inviting you into its scenery. As you sit outside, a welcoming occasional breeze breathes a cooling wind that refreshes your body of the moistness, courtesy of the Gulf South humidity.  In my mind, it is the perfect spot for its ambience, tangy sangrias, spicy salsa, and lightly salted chips.


Driving there to meet up, I reminisced about my sojourn at that school.   Although we worked in an underserved community ravished by Katrina and accentuated with the burdens of poverty, I loved that job! I worked with fantastic teachers, who dazzled each moment with their endless compassion.  The vibrance of hope, hard work, and humanity filled each day. Although I only worked there for one year, I consider it the best experience of my years in K-12, in many ways.  Looking back upon any positive experience always fills me with joyful vibes.



As I pulled into my parking spot to reconnect with my friend, I realized I didn’t know her that well.  Although a weekly presence on my campus, she served as an itinerant teacher who provided services and left.  Therefore, before entering the restaurant, I called in a sacred space of protection.  As I sat in the driver’s seat, I summoned angels to shelter me and to allow in only light and love.






Authentic energetic exchanges


Pleasantly surprised described the mood of the evening.  From the moment I sat down, I felt an immense peace float between us that mirrored the soothing air.  Intuitively, I spoke to her about listening to a meditation for a sacred space of protection before entering the restaurant. This ignited a three-hour conversation about her recent spiritual awakening and the pursuit of her authentic life purpose. Sitting in my truth and having it well-received set the tone for an uplifting reunion, which allowed vulnerability and truth to gracefully reverberate between us.



Before long, the lights flashed on behind us signaling the end of the night. At that moment, I peered over to notice our pitcher of sangria sat iceless and empty.  After we exchanged promises to have future contact, we embraced with a goodbye.  While driving home, tinges of gratitude filled my soul.  I connected with a beautiful person who allowed me to shine and to be myself.  In prior friendships, many of my friends from childhood required me to dim my light as I absorbed their issues.  And I, unknowingly on one level, eagerly agreed.  Read more about how I recently let go of a misaligned, long-lasting friendship that no longer served my highest good here:  https://tracinicolesmith.com/release-in-peace-by-letting-go/



Since my awakening almost 30 years ago, I began purging friendships that no longer resonated with me.  Staying in my hometown until Hurricane Katrina, past friends had easy access to reconnect with me.  But circumstances changed us over time.  And to be honest, many of my friendships arose from my neighborhood and school.  Hence, proximity rather than authenticity built the foundation.  In the majority of cases, the time elapsed shifted our identities, most of the time, in an incongruence.  As a result, what felt easy at one time became unnatural.   To honor my truth and my desire to embody a sacred space within, I facilitated endings to these friendships.




Internal energetic exchanges


Because we are always evolving as energetic beings, you must understand that your own internal landscape morphs as you begin to heal old wounds.  These massive inner changes affect your energy and alter misaligned friendships. Consequently, undergoing a spiritual awakening accelerates transformation.  In effect, misalignment may occur bringing forth feelings of discomfort. What once felt effortless may now feel artificial and forced.



Unavoidably, I have been thrust into situations with people from my past or people who are not living consciously.  Not knowing how the energetic exchange will feel, I call in protection for a sacred space wherever I go. Summoning angelic beings for a sacred space enhances the likelihood that you will guard against picking up any unwanted energies.




But, what is a sacred space?


A sacred space is:

  • A process of co-creating an energetic boundary within you with higher beings
  • A calm, peaceful area constructed within your aura
  • A zone that allows you to connect with positive vibrations, love, and light
  • A place within that keeps out unwanted energies, especially fear, hate, and apathy
  • An invisible zone that sustains and enhances your equanimity and balance within


How to create a sacred space:

  • Close your eyes
  • Inhale deeply for 4 seconds.  Exhale deeply for 4 seconds.  Imagine that you are inhaling light and exhaling dark.  Repeat several times until you feel the peace around you.
  • Imagine a golden pink (or any color that resonates with you) bubble of light around you.
  • Call in any angels, guides, ascended masters or divine beings that resonate with you.
  • Repeat out loud:  “Please allow in only light and love.  Please protect me from anything that doesn’t resonate with my highest good.”



Notably, a sacred space can also be a physical place in your home that you use for meditation, prayer, and rituals to connect with your Divine self.  A great guide to create this place can be found here: https://www.mymove.com/home-inspiration/other-rooms/ways-to-create-your-own-meditation-room/



Currently, the media depicts stories that can bring worry, despair, and grief into our lives.  The result of the barrage of negativity can be anger, fear, and hatred.  While creating a sacred space to protect you, you can also limit the amount of information you read/watch while keeping yourself informed.  And, always remember that with several intentional breaths within, you can retreat to a sacred space held just for you.