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What is a spiritual awakening?

A spiritual awakening is a stirring of the soul that inspires a deep introspection of your unique life circumstances. As the flow of your life begins to feel disjointed from this rousing, life as you know may feel unnatural. Conversely, purpose and passion-seeking swirls may encircle your soul which folds in more joyful feelings.

Are you wondering if you are experiencing a spiritual awakening?

Do you feel like a buoy bobbing around in a storm of uncertainty?

Learn how to be a lighthouse standing strong with a glowing inner light!


As an awakened educator of 26 years, I specialize in assisting individuals in healing/helping professions who are undergoing a spiritual transformation in their lives and desire to live with more radiant joy and soul-soothing peace.


These professions include:








Discover how to use spiritual practices to protect your energy, ignite your inner light, and guide your spiritual journey through:  


I provde guidance on your journey as you…


  • Cultivate your ability to heal and to grow as you create your best life.

  • Understand the importance of embracing and transmuting darkness and while igniting your inner light.

  • Shine a flashlight in the darkness to reveal the hope and possibilities that are available to you in your life.

  • Turn on your own inner light on to honor your soul’s journey despite what circumstances exist in the external world.

I offer you my knowledge, wisdom, and experience to assist you in shining your vibrant radiance.

If you are ready to commit to developing your highest path on your spiritual journey,  I am here to be your conveyor of spiritual truth and light.


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